7 Eating Habits That Ruin Your Diet Program

Doing a diet is doing a change in eating patterns and life style. However, there are 7 eating habits that fail your diet. Learn them well and try to avoid doing so.

There are many temptations, which you will face when you plan to arrange your eating habit. Whether it is a birthday party at office at home, people will ask you to go out and have some meal. This might be a challenging situation for you. Who can endure not tasting cookies, cake, or fried duck while all friends around you eat them? Without you even realizing, you have ruined your own diet plan. There are still many more habits, which need to be changed to make your diet successful. Read also How to Choose Diet Based on Your Favor and Habit.

You do not like to waste any left food

You may feel guilty for not eating all the foods served in a restaurant or the food you take by yourself. If you feel that you are responsible for the food, your waist will expand more. The solution is “Putting a little food on your plate”. “You will feel satisfied having a little food on your plate”, said Nancy Braack, the head of Weight Watchers in Omaha. If the portion of your food is too big, ask the servant to wrap it up for you. It is easy, is not it?

You limit yourself too much on unhealthy food

A research shows that of 30 women with normal weight, half of them are given chocolate and half of them not. After the second group is allowed to eat chocolate, they tend to eat more than the first group. That is why you need to enjoy your favorite meal once in a time. You only need to examine the label to check the nutrient inside, like “low fat” or “sugar free”. It will enable you to eat more than usual.

You want to eat every meal others have

You might find that your friend remains slim despite eating burger or French fries everyday. However, you cannot make it the same for you. It is because some people have fast-working metabolic functions unlike the others, as said by M. O’Brien MD, a professor of family doctor in University of Michigan Health System. Genetic factor and medical condition can affect the metabolism. You need to observe too, whether your friend has exercise or not, they remain slim. Then after that, you can enjoy eating food without feeling guilty.

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You do not want to cook

You do not like to cook maybe because you do not want to be busy preparing everything before cooking and cleaning the dishes after it. That is why you choose to buy foods outside. Marla Cilley, an author of the book “Body Clutter”, suggested that you have to cook and keep a little portion in a fridge to eat later. By then, you do not have to cook in the middle of the night when you are hungry. You can also use slow cooker, so you can put the ingredients in the morning and let them cooked when you come back from office in the evening.

Lack of sleep

Based on the research conducted at Hogward Hughes Medical Institute in Stanford University, the less you decrease your sleeping time, the more your body lacks in leption, a hormone to help reducing body weight. When you lack of sleep, the ghrelin hormone will trigger the desire to eat more. If you cannot sleep at night, try to sleep in the afternoon the next day.

You skip your breakfast
Just because you skip your breakfast, it does not mean that you save calorie much. This habit will starve you and you will end up eating any foods in front of you. It is because your blood glucose is decreasing, so you get hungry and emotional, and you will think that you are fine eating much food. You must know that the slower the metabolism, the more difficult for you to reduce your body weight.

You think that you have a slow metabolism so you eat little

At least you need 1,500 calories per day. If you have a slow metabolic system, you can eat only 1,200 calories per day. Completed by vitamins and 2 pills of 500 mg of calcium. Besides, make sure that you have nutritious foods (with vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, and healthy fat). Forget junk food for a while. Try to eat more frequently in a small portion to keep your blood glucose decreasing.