Get Back the Man You Love – Effective Tips to Make Him Fall in Love With You Again

How can people be so in love and happy and then one of them gets hurt or bored and everything falls apart? Why do we humans cause each other so much pain? The answer to that is usually ego. That is especially true with men. The least little bruise to their ego and they are off and running for somewhere to sit and pout. If your ex boyfriend has recently broken up with you, that leaves you sitting and wondering how to get back the man you love. But you do not have to lose him forever, there are many ways to make him see that he needs you in his life. Here are some effective tips to make him fall in love with you again.

The first thing to do is accept that there has been a breakup and he is gone for now. This is no time to be trying to get him to talk to you or work out a solution. There will be a time for that, but not until a few weeks have passed. If you want your ex back, you have to make up your mind to give him up. Not forever, but you should not have any contact with him for at least a month. This may seem impossible for you to do because all of your instincts are urging you to keep in contact with him. You are afraid that if you do not stay close to him, he will find someone else. That will not happen because he will be too busy sorting things out.

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With your emotions running at an all time high, you are in no condition to be talking to him. He is also too angry to make any sense, and any contact would result in further hurt and rejection for you. You both need to go through a healing process. Although you may not realize it, the breakup was not easy for him either. But given time, the problem will fade and he will begin to miss the good times the two of you had together.

The reason you are so desperate to get him back is because of the sense of loss you are feeling. If you do not try to get him back, he will begin to feel the same sense of loss. That is why it is so important not to call him, email him or have any contact with him at this time. It might be a couple of weeks, but soon he will feel a void in his life and wonder what is missing. If you have not been having any contact with him, it will not be long before he realizes the missing part in his life is you.

After a month has passed since the breakup, it should be time for communication to begin. Although he broke up with you, if you want him back, you should call him and apologize. This will not be an easy thing to do because you do not feel you did anything to cause the breakup. But, it does take two to make an argument and you had to play a small part. So, swallow your pride and make sure you have your emotions in check, you do not want to cry at the sound of his voice. Just tell him you are sorry for any pain you have caused him and end the conversation. The next move will be up to him and it will be sooner than you think.