Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Diet

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Diet

Kelly Clarkson has lost 30 lbs!

Another favorite singer of ours, Kelly Clarkson has shed 30 lbs and she looks spectacular! So how’d she do it? The old fashioned way, through diet and exercise. She has been working out five days per week and monitors her food portions, but still has a margarita occasionally. Kelly Clarkson’s other motivation is her boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock, who interestingly enough is Reba McEntire’s stepson. As we all know and what she said is that we all want to look our best when we are dating someone. Kelly Clarkson has been under so much scrutiny with her weight gains and losses after winning American Idol in 2002. We cannot imagine reading some of the critical articles she most likely was aware of, about her weight. But clearly she is an over-comer and is always quoted as encouraging women to be comfortable in their own skin.

How to Lose Weight Like Kelly Clarkson

Weight loss is about healthy lifestyle choices. And it takes time to change those habits that led you to pack on pounds. Some of us are emotional eaters, which basically means when you are upset, stressed or depressed you turn to food to feel better. It’s really no different than one turning to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or work (workaholic). When setting a goal to lose weight ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did I gain weight?
  • What can I do to keep this from happening in the future?
  • What is my goal weight?
  • What is a realistic goal for losing the weight?
  • What changes do I need to make in order to reach my weight loss goal?
  • When I lose the weight, what treat can I give myself as a celebration of the weight lost?

Holding Yourself Accountable
Answer these questions honestly from the bottom of your heart. Share your questions with an accountability partner. Check with each other on results. Write what your life vision story is – how you see yourself living your life when you have lost the weight and read over it repeatedly. Put dream pictures up on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator, pictures that emulate what you want out of life. The pictures may portray you at a lighter weight. Or maybe it is a woman at a healthy weight taking a cruise.

How Much Do You Have to Workout to Lose Weight?

The American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends 210-220 minutes of exercise per week, in addition to watching food portions. Now don’t let those minutes scare you. That breaks down to about 30 minutes of exercise per day. Dieting does not mean you have to give something up, either. Just move that naughty food or drink to moderation. And plan a big party or excursion when you have met your goal. Get “chocolate wasted” like Beyonce!