Special Tips For Women That Want to Get Back the Man You Love – Make Him Love You More Than Ever

If your relationship was unsteady and there were a lot of arguments and accusations from both sides, you might have been glad when it ended – at the time. Now that the dust has settled and your emotions are more under control, you realize he was the only man for you. Here are some special tips for women that want to get back the man you love.

Time is a great healer and the fact that you now think that the one you lost is the love of your life, could be the result of loneliness and reliving the good times and brushing away the bad. This happens quite often in relationships and it only leads to more heartache and despair. So before you get too serious about getting your ex boyfriend back, take some time to go over the relationship and make sure that saving it is best for you.

First of all, think of the parts of the relationship that made you happy and the parts that kept you upset. If the good parts greatly outnumber the bad, then you should do everything possible to get your ex back. True love does not come along everyday and it would be a shame to let it get away because of a few petty disagreements. In fact, he might be feeling the same as you, but since he was the one that broke up with you, he might be reluctant to make the first move. However, it is best for him to make the first move, so you will have to do some things to prompt him and get back the man you love (read: What Men Secretly Want ).

The reason that you want him to make the first move is not only because he broke up with you, but because men like to be the one to do the chasing. If you go after him, he will feel that you are needy and desperate. The best thing to get him started chasing you and make him love you more than ever is to act as if you accept the breakup and go on with your life. When he sees you doing this, he will feel that you do not want him anymore and this will challenge him to get you back.

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Feeling that he has lost you will make him love you more than ever. He will not be able to stand the feeling that he has lost something that he feels belongs to him, and he will not be able to rest until he has you back. Do not just run into his arms. You have to be somewhat unavailable just as you were when he first started to date you. Just because he wants you back, do not give up the other interests that you have developed during the breakup period or forsake the friends and relatives you have reconnected with. Showing him that you have another life other than him will keep him from ever taking you for granted and you will never lose him again.