If You Still Love Your Ex Boyfriend You Can Get Him Back – Expert Advice For Women in Love

When you are still deeply in love with your ex after the breakup, it can make for a miserable existence. You cannot eat or sleep and you have visions of him with someone else. But if you still love your ex boyfriend you can get him back. Here is expert advice for women in love.

From the minute your boyfriend tells you that the relationship is over, your emotions start working overtime. They will cloud your thinking and make you do things that you would normally never do. When you are in this state you tend to listen to your heart instead of your head. Your heart tells you that nothing matters but getting your ex boyfriend back before he becomes involved with another woman. This can make you desperate and you begin calling, emailing and sending text messages as fast as you can. But he will ignore them all.

By ignoring you he makes you feel unwanted, and this makes you more desperate. If you stop right now, step back and take a deep breath, you can see that everything you are doing is just driving the man you love farther away, instead of getting him back. This should make you realize that you have to stop what you are doing right away. But if you do not let your ex see that you love him and need him, how do you get him back? The answer is very simple. You ignore him. Since the fact that he is ignoring you is making you desperate, why would he not become desperate if you begin to ignore him?

Make up your mind to cut off all contact with him for several weeks. It would help if you could take a vacation. You need to put as much space between you and your ex boyfriend as possible. As long as you are showing him that you will be around waiting for him whenever he chooses to honor you with his presence, he can take his time. But if you suddenly turn up missing for a few weeks, you will get his attention quick. At first he will wonder why you are not chasing him anymore. Then he will start to feel that he might have carried things too far and you found someone to take his place.

Now, he is the one to become desperate. He will try to call you, but let him talk to your recorder. He will then try to email and text you. Give him a dose of his own medicine and ignore them also. Wait a few days and call him back. Just tell him that you were glad to hear from him and hope he is alright. Let him do most of the talking and if he asks you what you have been doing, be vague and change the subject. Close the conversation by saying it was good to hear from an old friend and that he can call anytime he feels a need to chat.

The key word that you have just said is ‘friend.’ He will not be able to stand the thought that you consider him just an old friend and he will do everything possible to become the love of your life again.