Things to Avoid as Your Enemies on Diet

Doing your diet well still you end up failing? There are things to avoid as the enemies of the diet that you need to know.

When you do your diet and you find out that you have no significant change in your body weight, maybe you need examine some “enemies” of your diet.

Non Fat vs Non Calories

When you get bored with fruits, a biscuit bar with “low fat” sign can be your friend in the afternoon. The next day, you will eat a “fat free” pudding and a sweet chocolate bar with “low fat” sign. You may think that eating low fat snacks are good to have on your diet. It is the wrong idea.

Do not get fooled by the label on your snacks because every food contains calorie. It is not only fat that you need to concern, but you also have to think the calorie as well. Start to read the “nutrition fact” in the label at the back of the pack. It can happen that the biscuit you eat consists of 400 calorie, which is almost the same by having a plate of rice with fried rice, which contains 600 calories. It is suggested to observe the calorie contents of every food you have everyday. Knowing what is needed by your body than your tongue is the key for your success diet. Read also 7 Eating Habits that Fail Your Diet.

Getting trapped in stress

On one day, you will get hungry many times and you will feel guilty every time you want to eat. Then you may feel uncomfortable because you have a desire to such food, then you will be less motivated and feel inconvenient. If you feel so, you get stressed because of diet. Stress can trigger the increase of cortisol hormone, which improves the stomach fat production.

A research conducted in the USA involved 121 volunteers showed that more than 50% the dieters got the increasing body weight because of. To get rid of your stress during the diet program, play your favorite game in a few minutes or have a chat with your colleagues in your office to live up the atmosphere. Here you need to read, “A Diet Choice based on Your favor and Habit”. The point is happiness and positive thinking, both of which are very important for the success of your diet.

Sticking on Office Work

A research showed that people tend to get weight gain when they keep working and it mostly happens to those who have routine activities in the office. A piles of work often make you forget to move. Even if you have the right eating pattern, the fat will pile in your body because you have no physical activities. Such a sedentary lifestyle will fail your diet program.

Moreover, a research conducted at The Clinical Nutrition Research Center, The University of Alabama Birmingham, suggested that AC can fatten your body. In a room without AC, your body will take out some energy to adjust with the room temperature. To get the energy, your body will burn some fats automatically. Air conditioning will make your body doing leisure stage because you are in “the thermo neutral zone”; your body does not need to pull out some energy to adapt.

That is why AC triggers laziness to move and makes you sleepy. Start to change it by using your break time to take a walk even only just visiting your colleague in a different room.